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Quality and after sale service of small household appliances industry

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        Quality and after sale service of small household appliances industry

        For many years, the qualification rate, stability and safety of products have been a key factor in the development of small household electrical appliances enterprises. At the beginning of enterprise development, under the pressure of market competition, in order to reflect the price advantage and cost competitiveness, some enterprises adopt the means of cutting corners and substituting inferior products for good ones. Although this will not have a direct impact on the development of enterprises in the short term, once this bad habit develops, it will not only hinder the development prospects of enterprises, but also disrupt the development order of the whole industry.

        The relationship between product quality and enterprise profit should be a positive proportional relationship. Product quality can promote enterprises to obtain sustainable profits. However, in the field of small household appliances, due to the lack of long-term planning for enterprises, some small and medium-sized enterprises participate in the market competition irrationally and nonstandardized, which leads to the situation that the enterprises obtain huge profits in the short term at the expense of product quality.

        Although some enterprises have recognized the shortcomings, actively carry out transformation, strive to improve product quality, and obtain more stable profits by increasing technological innovation and increasing product added value, many enterprises still have a certain fluke mentality, which has a negative impact on the development of the whole small household appliance industry.

        Therefore, for a long time in the future, while improving the product quality, product technology content and process, large enterprises should also promote the quality upgrading of the whole industry. The non-standard behaviors of some enterprises should be adjusted by means of marketization.

        For many small household appliances, after-sales service is the most prominent problem in the sales terminal. Many small household appliances have the phenomenon of difficult after-sales service and low service quality, and even some products will be scrapped once they have problems.

        There are many reasons for the defects in the after-sale service of small household appliances. On the one hand, many enterprises are limited in their own strength and lack of sufficient funds and manpower for the construction and improvement of after-sales service system. On the other hand, due to the low value of small household appliances, poor general performance of parts and various types of products, many service providers are not professional, resulting in the lack of professional service units for small household appliances. In addition, the lack of professionals in the field of service is also one of the reasons for the low quality and poor level of after-sales service.

        This kind of situation has appeared since the day of the development of home appliance enterprises, but it will be gradually improved with the continuous development and maturity of the whole industry. In the current market situation, as small and medium-sized enterprises, on the one hand, can seek service outsourcing, on the other hand, with the strength of regional agents, jointly establish after-sales service system. At the same time, enterprises should avoid blind expansion in the short term. The construction of market system must be matched with the construction of after-sales service system. Only in this way can the development of enterprises be more coordinated and the aftereffect will be more sufficient.